Casey Tansey

General Partner


"CEOs need venture capitalists that leverage their network of contacts, help identify the best partners, and share the company's vision."

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Casey Tansey joined USVP as a general partner in April 2005. A veteran of the medical device industry, Casey brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial, early-stage medical device and seasoned operating experience to USVP.

Casey’s extensive operations experience brings more to the table than strategic counsel — he adds empathy to that mix.

“As a CEO, it was important to me when board members really shared our passion and understood organization-building focused on improving healthcare for patients. CEOs need venture capitalists that leverage their network of contacts, help identify the best partners, and share the company’s vision. USVP takes this approach.”

Casey’s investment strategy is a lot like his strategy as a CEO: identify unmet clinical needs where patients are in need of new and improved products and services. At USVP, Casey focuses on the trend toward the miniaturization of devices and the development of minimally-invasive technologies that promise innovations in the delivery of medical products and services, especially in cardiovascular products, orthopedics, spinal care and neurology.

Casey’s passion is to strive for delivery of medical services with fewer traumas to the patient and improved quality of life. Innovations shaping this trend include minimally invasive technologies. During his tenure as CEO, President and board member of Epicor Medical from 2001 to 2004, Casey, along with a dedicated team, pioneered a minimally invasive treatment for atrial fibrillation and transformed the Company into a recognized market leader, and he led Epicor’s acquisition by St. Jude Medical.

Prior to Epicor, Casey was CEO, President and board member of Heartport, a public company that helped pioneer minimally invasive cardiac surgery, which is now a Johnson & Johnson company. Before that, he was with Baxter Edward’s Cardiovascular Division for nearly ten years, holding various sales and marketing positions. During his tenure at Baxter, Casey was involved in launching innovative heart valve products that have grown to be the market leaders.

Casey’s notable board activities have included Inspire Medical (IPO), IntersectENT (IPO), AtheroMed (sold to Volcano), Nanostim (sold to St. Jude Medical), PlaceIQ (acquired by Precisely) and SentreHeart (sold to AtriCure).  Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for Dstillery, HeartFlow, Highlife Medical, Inspire Medical, Intuity Medical, Neochord, Neuros Medical, Shiratronics, Shoulder Innovations and Standard Bariatrics. In addition, Casey served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing humanitarian efforts in heart surgery worldwide through education and collaboration.

Casey holds a B.S. and M.B.A. from the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, CA.