John Hadl

Venture Partner

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John Hadl is a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced executive. John splits his time between USVP and BrandinHand, a mobile media and marketing agency, of which he is the founder and CEO. Since founding the agency in 2005, Hadl has been responsible for more than 450 mobile campaigns for his various clients and leads the mobile strategies of major brand marketers including Procter and Gamble, Best Buy, American Express, General Mills and others. In April 2007, BrandWeek dubbed John as one of the "Marketers of the Next Generation," the publication's highest honor, and in July 2007, Advertising Age acknowledged Hadl as one of its distinguished "40 Under 40" executives.

"The best place to start in developing a new company in the digital media space is with the consumer and you think backwards from there. Digital media innovations are often not so much technological rethinks as consumer rethinks. In terms of monetization, deliver impressions that actually make an impression. If you do, media dollars will follow."

Over the past 15 years, John has had his own share of wins and losses. "I often feel we learn as much from our disappointments as our successes." John feels fortunate in his involvement with several of today's success stories, as an advisor to Admob and Quattro Wireless, and Co-Founder of Total Beauty Media. John has witnessed a consistent recipe for success. "The simple truth remains - deliver a product or service that delights large numbers of consumers and improves lives. If you do, your company will thrive." John has also been an angel investor, adviser or consultant to numerous mobile, digital advertising and commerce companies: Admob (acquired by Google), Quattro Wireless (acquired by Apple), Neven Vision (acquired by Google), Millennial Media (IPO 2012); Snap Tell (acquired by Amazon)., FreeMonee, SessionM, and JumpTap.

Prior to Brand in Hand, John was Strategic Advisor to Procter and Gamble for mobile, founded Enverta (acquired 2001) and Creative RX. John was also a managing director at Quigley-Simpson Interactive. John began his career as a corporate lawyer in New York City at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett and holds a J.D. from the New York University School of Law.

John enjoys sailing, scuba diving, hiking, science fiction books.