About Us - The Short Story

Since 1981, USVP has invested over $2.7 billion in more than 450 companies, which in turn have created more than 100,000 jobs. We continue to invest consistently, through good and bad times, taking a long view to building corporate value. Many extremely valuable companies are created during periods when venture investing is out of favor.

We invest primarily in information technology and health care, though we are always open to disruptive ideas in other domains. Our decision-making is driven by major industry and global trends, among them:.

  • Virtualization and mobilization of computing
  • New capabilities in Big Data analytics enabling powerful enterprise and consumer applications
  • Persistent need to upgrade the World's information infrastructure
  • Consumer demand leading IT innovation
  • Globalization of all economic activity
  • Purchasing power of the growing global middle class
  • Aging of our population
  • Rising cost of health care
  • Epidemic of diet-engendered disease

We look to partner with teams that share our core values:

  • Belief in the disruptive power of innovation
  • Understanding that great teams, working together, build the best companies
  • Disciplined execution, respecting commitments, budgets and deadlines
  • Frugal spending habits
  • Relentless honesty and integrity in all dealings

We are pleased that the majority of the companies in our current portfolio share these values, and we are confident that they will build on them to become leaders in their respective markets.