The Search for Exceptional People

We believe exceptional entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists, are the heroes of our business. That’s why we try to partner with those rare individuals, whose disruptive ideas have the potential to dominate significant markets -- usually in excess of $1 Billion, and rarely smaller than $500 Million. The best entrepreneurs have the vision, passion, and ability to deliver something faster, better or cheaper, and they possess huge ambition for their company. Thus, they are willing to commit their most valuable asset — their time and focus — over several years to achieve their vision.

Throughout the three- to ten-year process of building a great company, we are inspired by company builders, whose approach consistently reflects:

  • A passion for a disruptive idea and for building it into a great company
  • Clarity of purpose; an articulated vision and focus
  • A documented reputation for exceptional competence and potential
  • An understanding of the need for a world-class, multi-functional team
  • A track record of getting things done, and discipline for measuring performance
  • Honesty and reliability

We’re not afraid of risky investments, even with individuals who may have missed the goal before, as long as risk and opportunity are balanced, and the entrepreneurs are thoughtful, introspective and exhibit many of these characteristics.